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Tongue tie Aftermath

img_1544.jpgMy son was only 10 days old when he had a tongue tie release. He was not latching on properly and was losing weight since we were discharged home from the hospital. It was our pediatrician who first diagnosed him and referred us to an ENT for a second opinion. ENT confirmed and proceeded with a tongue, upper and lower lip release during the same appointment. My son latched on seconds after the procedure; we were given post op instructions on how to massage the soft tissue underneath so it would not adhere again. We followed every step.


As a physical therapist, assessing how people move, how they sit, stand or walk is second nature to me. My family, especially my son, is always on my radar. It was not until he was about 15 months that I realized he slept with his mouth open. He is a stomach or a side sleeper, and regardless of the position his mouth was open. I closed his mouth, seconds later his mouth was open again. He was not a sick kid, he was breastfed, he did not have any anatomical abnormalities, but why did he sleep with his mouth open? Bizarre, right? To me, it was.

When I started researching this, I came across myofunctional therapy and I was awed. I have been in field of Physical Therapy for 11 years and I had never heard of myofunctional therapy before. I asked my colleagues and they had never heard about myofunctional therapy before either.IMG_8776.JPG

What is Myofunctional Therapy?

In a nutshell, it is a non-invasive treatment of oral cavity. Now remember, that includes the tongue, jaw, cheeks, airways and the neck. I learned that if your tongue is not properly positioned in your mouth, it can lead to breathing problems then in later stages to sleep apnea.

I knew I needed to take my son for a thorough examination; therefore I went to Bella Physical Therapy.


Did you know220px-Einstein_tongue

  • Poor latch
  • Falling asleep when attempting to nurse
  • Swallowing issues
  • Poor weight gain
  • Ear infections
  • Excessive colic/gas/burping
  • Reflux symptoms
  • Breathing Issues
  • Interrupted sleep

                                                               ….can be addressed with myofunctional therapy?

If goes uncorrected, these problems can lead to mouth breathing, sleep apnea, chewing and swallowing problems, speech difficulties, throwing up, teeth and mouth misalignment, behavioral difficulties and incorrect posture. Isn’t this wild?

After the examination, we found out about tightness in my little one’s neck muscles, forward head posture and mild issues with his tongue. We were given instructions on sleeping positions and tongue exercises. The results were amazing and came quickly! Just in couple of days, his mouth was almost closed and he was improving with tongue exercises. Getting his tongue and surround muscles stronger can also help him with speech later on.IMG_0899

I always knew tongue was a muscle but I never realized what a key role it actually played. A baby needs to achieve each milestone in order to grow normally. An untreated oral-motor dysfunction can lead to many serious conditions later in life. On the contrary, an adult with sleep apnea, snoring, indigestion and acid reflux or bad habits such as thumb sucking and nail biting can also benefit from myofunctional therapy.

Thank you for reading!





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Shy about breast feeding in public?

You can read the whole article on It’s funny, ridiculous and annoying at the same time that even in 21st century some people and places shame Mother’s for breast feeding in public. Everyone got a say, so do you.

Breast-feeding in public for the first time, especially if you’re a first-time mom, can be nerve raking. As a new mom, I thought all eyes were on me, and I was not gonna be able to cover myself up properly and flash everyone. If you’re going out to a family or friends house, you can easily go to one of the rooms for privacy, however if it’s a public place then here a couple of tips for you.. and me!

It all starts with the right clothing. Make sure you can easily uncover and cover yourself so a button down shirt will be your go to dress code. If you have a cami underneath, you can quickly cover yourself before you button yourself up. Another nice accessory to have is a scarf. You can look stylish also if you need to you can use it to cover your breast and your baby. Get your sunglasses, a stylish scarf and no one will realize that you are without make up, got puke on your shirt and running on 3 hours of sleep.

If your baby has a nap schedule, try to leave home around his or her nap time. Most babies fall asleep in the car so when you make it to the store, he will stay sleeping. Also, before you leave home, make sure you feed and change your little one which decreases the likelihood that’s you’re gonna have to deal with a hungry baby with a full diaper who’s getting really fussy once in public.

Choose a store that your familiar with if you are leaving home first time with your new born. At least, you will know where the bathrooms are, where the entrance and the exit is so if your little one gets really fussy then you can pack up and leave quickly. Remember, you can always nurse in the car or drive him back home.

If you’re in a big store like Walmart or target and you need to nurse, look for the furniture section where you can sit down and are away from busier sections. If you are in a baby store such as buy buy baby or babies R us , they have nursing rooms. Not problem, you are covered! If you are in a shopping mall, try fitting rooms of big department stores like Macy’s or Kohl’s by the kids sections since those fitting rooms tend to be less crowded.

Hope this read helps with giving you ideas and making you less nervous! Let me know about your experience! Looking forward to hearing from all of you ❤️

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14 months old and yes he is still sleeping with us!

Our little one is 14 months old and he is still sleeping with us. Hearing this certainly shocks some people and I’m told “it’s not good because the kid needs to be able to sleep by himself, not be too dependent on you, it’s necessary for his character to develop. Also, don’t you want to be able to go out sometime?”

I smile and say “there is the ideal and the reality. Would I want to go out at night? Maybe once in a blue moon but I am not into clubbing anyways.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not 100% content with the fact that my son is still sleeping with us at 14 months. Why? Because I need to go to sleep with him, a least I need to put him to sleep then try to pull some ninja moves and quickly sneak out of the room as I get ray he will not wake up to the sound of smallest creak. I can’t watch any thing then doze off lying in bed, I used to enjoy watching my shows in bed – that’s no longer happening. He does not go to sleep with anyone else including his dad, my mom or mother in law and he gives people the hardest time when they are trying to put him to sleep.

When it comes to his personality development, is he more attached to me? Am I making him “mommy’s boy”? I do not know for sure but I don’t think so. I can say that he is not clingy and he plays with all family members and even strangers. He does not act like mommy’s boy either, he follows anyone who has something interesting to offer to him.

Nowadays, big trend is going back to all natural and staying away from artificial or nonorganic. Then on that note, isn’t it more motherly and more natural to stay with your young ones instead of taking them to their rooms early on? Look at the animal kingdom, I believe besides some species (mostly the ones in the sea), most animals especially mammals, are always with their little ones. They cuddle and sleep together and when the babies are old enough, they leave the parents to draw their own fate.

One big advantage of co-sleeping is I miss him when I am away from him. Don’t get me wrong I think every mom needs to be away from the kids for some time In order to regain sanity. When I get home after a day at work, and his bed time is in 2 hours, I’m looking forward to nursing and putting him to sleep next to me. I enjoy the cuddles, listening to his breathing, watching him sleep. I enjoy not having to run after him, or get frustrated that I need to prep more food or clean up, or yell that he got the tv control and changing the settings or got a hold of my phone and throwing it on the floor. I am just grateful that after a busy day at work then some more work at home, I’m able to lie down by my little one and just spend some quiet time with him.

Sleeping next to him is also convenient for me. I ll tell you why! I’m still breastfeeding and he nurses every 2-3 hours. Waking up at night then going to his room, nursing him then putting him to sleep then coming back 2-3 times every night gets cumbersome. I truly prefer just feeding him when I’m half sleeping for 5 minutes then going back to sleep 2-3 times a night every night.

Since I’m torn between my gut which says keep him in your bed vs. family and psychologists who say little one need to sleep in his own room, we brought his crib in our room. Once he falls asleep, I put him in his crib, then take him to our bed once he is up.

There are no real absolutes. To all the parents out there, you know the struggle. As I said before there is the ideal and then there is the reality. Every day is the perfect imperfection because nothing goes as planned, you are on survival mode and all you can do is to give your best and learn from your mistakes. In my case, I’m learning and sharing with you guys! Let me know what you think or if you have any advice!

Thank you for taking your time to read about my story.

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My baby has a fever oh crap!

That’s what came out of my mouth once I realized that my little one was warm. (Warm meaning his whole body was getting unusually hotter). Even though he was still a smiling and engaging in play, he was a bit more fussy and he easily got upset. When the thermometer read 101 F, I started freaking out a little bit.

As mothers we have this instinct that guides and helps us differentiate what’s right and what’s wrong, somehow helps us predict how things are going to go. So late night, when I figured that my little one had a fever of a 101.2 I was able to keep calm. First thing I did was to Google fever readings in babies. Don’t we all love google ?!! it said it was mild fever and pretty much to observe him, comfort him, soothe him, take off any extra layer of clothing and make sure he is nursing so he’s not dehydrated. The next day I had work at eight so that means I need to be up at 6:45 AM. My husband and I took turns taking care of him because he was he was cranky and he wanted to be held the whole time so I took care of him until 3:30 am then my husband took over and he held him so I could get some sleep. I also recalled wetting a cloth with apple cider and placing it underneath the armpits as a fever reducer, so we did that too. Smell was not too obnoxious and hey it’s a natural remedy so can’t hurt.

Once it was morning, and a more reasonable time. I send a text message to my more experience friend ( we all have those friends already have kids and who are cool moms). She called me right away and she said her son had fevers multiple occasions and it was very common in kids. Fever is an indication that his body is fighting something so as long as it doesn’t jump too high or doesn’t last too long meaning more than 48 hours then just to observe it. She was consistent with what I read on Google but hearing it from a friend who already experienced a similar situation made me feel more confident. She also advised me to contact our pediatrician if his fever does not decrease by the next day. She said first time her son had a fever, she called her doctor right away and she was told to stay at home and watch the baby for the first 24 hours and soothe him. She said there was only one incident where his fever jumped up to 104 degrees and she had to go to the doctors office to get medication. All other times the symptoms resolved within 24 hours.

When I was at work, talked to my husband multiple times to ensure everything was under control, it seemed like our little one was still doing well with mild symptoms. Hubby continued with cold compress to his forehead and armpits. When I got home he was waking up from his two hours nap, he still had a fever but he was colder compared to the nighttime. Digital temperature readings from his ear was inconsistent: first reading said 100.1 followed by 101.3 and 100.8.

His symptoms resolved within 24 hours, luckily his fever did not spike up and he was back to his happy normal self before we knew it. Moral of the story? Don’t freak out, try to keep calm, trust in our body’s ability to heal and protect and for a piece of mind keep your pediatrician informed but don’t be too quick to medicate. Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading 📖

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Best time to put my new born in his room?

There are two main reasons why we had our little sleep in our room. Being first time parents, we wanted to ensure we were going to hear our little one when he woke up. img_8256Also, waking up very frequently at night time, I did not want to walk to another room and make it as convent as possible for myself. I just wanted to feed the baby and fall back to sleep without leaving my cozy bed. Therefore, 3 of us started sleeping on our king size bed, plus the cat would show up to sleep on the footrest so there would be 4 of us. The research suggests that babies should start sleeping in their room past three months to facilitate independence, self sufficiency and personal growth as well as to have some privacy & connection for the new parents.

Regardless of what the research suggests, these things don’t always go as planned. We were planning to keep our little one in our bed for the first couple of months however, he chose to sleep in his room after a month. How can a newborn choose to sleep in his room, right?! We realized that when he slept in our bed, img_8257he woke up very frequently. During daytime, I would put him in his crib and he would take 2-3 hours naps versus he would wake up every half an hour when he slept with us. One night I decided to put him in his crib when he fell sleep. That night he slept three hours straight so mommy slept 3 hours straight. From that time on, he started sleeping in his room. It was possible that we were waking him up since our bed time was different than his. When he turned about three months old, he obtained a new habit of cuddling with mommy to sleep. Now, he does not sleep past an hour unless he is in our bed. Throughout the night, he sleeps very well; only wakes up twice to feed for about 10 minutes then falls right back to sleep. It is such a big convenience for me because I am no longer sleep deprived but at one point, we will have to get him used to sleeping in his crib on his own.

Regardless of what the research says or whatever ideal is, things do not go as planned because of so many reasons.  The bottom line is, this is a journey not a project. Just take a seat back and enjoy this ride! Make every moment, everyday memorable with fun memories!

Please share what your thoughts & experiences are! I want to hear from you. comment and let me know!

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Does your baby want to sleep in your arms and refuses to go to bed?

f430ac8e-8e9b-417d-ac79-be1e882e4e09Does you little peanut clings on to you and wakes up as soon as you put him in his crib? For some time this was the story with us. We tried many different ways so that he would go to sleep and most importantly stay asleep without mommy. Here are five steps that worked for me:

Golden rule #1 is to ensure you change his diaper. If your little one is sitting in a lot of pee or worst case poop, he is most likely to get fussy and less likely to fall asleep. The reason why he is not sleeping may be because he feel wet and uncomfortable which keeps him from getting cozy and falling asleep.

Golden rule #2 is to ensure he is not hungry. If your baby is full, he is more likely to fall asleep and sleep for an extended time. If he is hungry, he will eventually fall asleep because he is exhausted but he will wake up sooner or later. If you are putting that much work into putting him to sleep, you would not want him to wake up shortly after you put him in his bed.

img_7663Golden rule #3 is to make sure to burp him after nursing. One thing I kept forgetting is to burp my little one. After I nurse him, I would try to rock him to sleep but he would continue to cry, kick and punch. I would think he does not want to sleep and when I stand him up, he would burp and fall asleep on my shoulder.

img_7385Golden rule #4 is try swaddling your baby. Infants have a lot more involuntary motions that are jerky in nature. Any type of loud noise may startle them and wake them up. I believe that babies also dream so once they fall asleep, they tend to wake themselves up by jerking their arms/leg. Once I swaddled my little one, his movements did not wake him up and he slept for longer periods of time.

img_8139Golden rule #5 Babies know their moms by moms scent. My little one would periodically open/close his eyes to make sure I was not laying him down. Once he really fell asleep, I would lay him down and try to leave the room and he would wake up immediately. I started leaving my worn-couple-of-times shirt or cardigan in his crib right next to him. That did the trick. He thought I was laying down with him I guess so he did not wake up.

I would love to hear about your comments! Your tricks, what worked for you and your little peanut!

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Benefits of tummy time


Afraid of tummy time? I was!

Are you afraid to put your little one on his tummy? I was! Once my mom told me to put my son on his belly I was afraid that he would suffocate. I knew babies needed to spend some time on their tummies but I was afraid and I didn’t know how and where to start.

There are many reasons why tummy time is very important for babies. First of all, it is important to achieve, complete and advance his movement skills set. There is a sequence in a baby’s development where he has to achieve pushing on his elbows before crawling, or standing before walking. In order to advance to the next skills set, he has to achieve the previous one. For example, in order for the baby to crawl has to be able to push to move his arms support his weight, master how to wight shift from one arm/leg to the other arm/leg in order to move. Unless he spend adequate time on his belly, he’s not gonna be able to master those skills. after spending some belly time, my son started gaining more head control; he was able to lift his head up, prop himself on his elbows and also turn his head to find a more comfortable sleeping position.

Supervised tummy time

Another importance of tummy time is developmental. Babies are born without any spinal curvature. You can appreciate that adults have curvatures. Our neck and lower back are lordotic while our mid back is kyphotic. In order for the babies to develop proper spinal alignment and posture, they need to move against gravity. Since the gravity is always pulling down towards the floor, against gravity would be moving one’s body towards the ceiling. Tummy time allows for the baby to lift his head, push into his hands/elbows to lift his chest that will develop that neck and low back curvature.

Once my son was three weeks old, he started getting a lot of gas. Not are if it was a growth spurt or my food choices. Gripe water and Windy helped but it was becoming a routine that he almost appeared to be colicy. Moms know it all right?! So when I talked to my mom, she suggested supervised tummy time. First time I put him on his stomach, I checked on him periodically. I was nervous. After an hour, I realize that he started passing gas like there’s no tomorrow. I let him sleep on his stomach during daytime and he became less and less fussy. In about two weeks he was able to lift and turn his head, and I started getting more confident and less worried about letting him sleep on his stomach. Tummy time assisted with passing gas as well.

f430ac8e-8e9b-417d-ac79-be1e882e4e09My pediatrician encouraged tummy time then to put him on his back to sleep because the medical world is afraid of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). If you do a little research about SIDS, they don’t know what really causes it. Was I worried about it? Absolutely yes! So what did I do? I made sure I eliminated all the factors that may have led to SIDS. I laid him only on a firm surface (his mattress is firm). I made sure to take off his hat and bib to eliminate the possibility of airway blockage. Also I removed all the toys/stuffed animals so he wouldn’t be able to get to them. I also periodically checked on him.

Let me know what you think! As mothers we know our children the best because we have this gut feel/ instinct that tells right apart from wrong. I chose to put him on his stomach to sleep because of previously stated reasons. My purpose in sharing my experience is not to convince any one to put their infants on their stomachs. Just like my other blog posts, I would like to share my experience and hear about yours.

Please comment below and let me know what you think!

Until my next blog. Stay awesome mama!