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4 common injuries for a new mom

The physical burden of pregnancy, unfortunately follows high risk for more injuries for a new mom. Weakened musculoskeletal system, lack of rest and sometimes even nutrition, focusing on your new born and trying to cater to baby’s needs and depriving self from much needed recovery time are some contributing factors. Let’s look at 4 common injuries for a new mom:

Thumb sprain/ pain

Repetitively picking your little one up, can sprain your thumbs. What’s a sprain? Sprains occur when we over stretch our ligaments, since ligaments are non-contractile therefore, fiber will start tearing under excessive stress. That’s what we call a sprain. Once you sustain a sprain, your brain recognizes the injury and tells the surrounding muscles to tighten up in order to protect the area from a secondary injury. Some local massage followed by stretching, and changing the way you pick your baby up will aid in resolving your symptoms.

Shoulder and neck pain

Especially if you are Co-sleeping, hugging your little one, you are putting excessive stress on your shoulders by staying in stiff positions and feeding into bad sleeping postures. Not to mention how much stress, repetitive lifting and carrying your baby puts on your shoulders. As the day goes on, due to fatigue, and stress of multi tasking, starts being more challenging and instead of actively using our muscles, we start depending on our static stability more. Now, what is static stability? There are two types of stability in our body. Static stability is provided by static structures such as bones and ligaments. Dynamic stability is provided by moving structures such as muscles. Once muscles fatigue, we shift our dependence onto static structures. Determination in getting work done motivates our body to focus on the end result not on how we are hurting ourselves. All my super mommas know what I am talking about!

When it comes to comes to neck and back problems, they always come hand in hand. Our spine is formed of 33 bones which are all interconnected with many ligaments and muscles. If you have neck pain, it will trickle down to your back and vice versa. An over-stretched and weakened core during pregnancy, puts a new mom at a high risk to experience some sort of a back problem such as sciatica, bulging disc or simply stiffness and pain. Especially for breast feeding mom, one of the hardships of breastfeeding is the slouched posture we are put in. The result: neck and back pain. Once we start losing our natural curvatures setting off our pain receptors screaming, “I’m beyond my extensibility and I will break if you keep pushing me in that direction.” what’s the solution? Keep good posture. If you can, prefer supported sitting to unsupported siting. Benefit from a lumbar roll while in supported siting. Once you are done with breastfeeding, or at the end of the day, do couple of stretches and exercises to restore good posture.

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Want to increase milk production?

The first 48 hours after labor, you produce colostrum.  Colostrum is the first stage of breast milk that is more yellowish in color and thicker in consistency filled with a lot of good nutrients for your baby. Colostrum is not much in quantity so do not freak out about not producing enough. Most likely, the nurse will help you to hand express it so you can cumulate the colostrum on a spoon then feed it to your baby. After 48 hours you start producing more milk, the look of what you produce changes from yellow to white with a more viscous consistency. Do not let people freak you out that you do not have enough milk for your baby! It takes time.

colostrum-handmilk-foremilkMilk production is a supply demand mechanism meaning, more often your breasts are emptied either by nursing or pumping, more milk your body will produce. Meeting that demand takes time since your body will not go from producing an ounce to 3 ounces over night so be patient.

My son had difficulty with latching on due to he had tongue tie and I almost lost all my milk production. Hand expression was not enough to stimulate my milk production and I almost lost all my milk in a weeks times frame. I also did not have the pump yet so my breasts were not stimulated to produce more.Once he had the revision done, he wanted to feed more but I did not have enough milk. We had to supplement until I was able to meet his demand. To boost up my production, I had to visit whole foods store to get some supplements, and I did a lot of praying. If you feel like you’re not producing enough and going through similar struggles, here is what I used:

1- Ensure you’re drinking plenty of water. When I say plenty, I mean half of your body weight in ounces is your bare minimum. Soups and herbal teas count towards your daily water intake since they do not dehydrate your body. Unfortunately, juices are not very good for you since you do not want to overload your system with sugar. Remember to limit your caffeine intake as well.

140654522- Mothers milk tea has lot of good ingredients. Drink 3 to 5 cups a day as the instructions say. Many stores such as whole foods, target or walmart has it or you can order it online. You can also get the ingredients of mothers milk tea separately which I found to be more helpful for me.

fenugreek-owh180-13- I got FenuGreek which is one of the ingredients in Mother’s milk tea. You can find it in wholefoods store or order online. Mine came as capsules and I took three capsules a day with meals. Fenugreek really helped me boost my milk supply.

loose fennel

4- The best of all is loose fennel. You can just brew it at home, and one cup in the morning and one cup in the afternoon helped a ton. Fennel apparently helps with a lot more stuff so I may continue with fennel tea even after I stop breastfeeding.

5- Another remedy that I used is Milk thistle. I also got this from whole foods and probably you can find it online for a better price. It’s a drop so you drop for drops in a cup and drink it. I honestly did not feel like it helped much and for some reason on the bottle it says beware if you are breastfeeding?!!



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Drinking alcohol while pregnant

pregnant-women-red-wine-avoid-new-survey-514778Once of the most discussed topic of pregnancy is whether or not you can drink while pregnant. I think most people agree on the harms of excessive drinking, however the amount remains unsettling for many. But what is excessive? Is one cup a day excessive? Is one cup a month okay? Should you not risk anything and not drink at all?

Here is my take on this topic…

Whatever you put in your body, you are also sharing it with your baby. Even with the advancements in the medicine today, we still do not know how much alcohol your baby would be exposed to and the affects of the alcohol on your baby’s development when you drink. Also, each drink has a different amount of alcohol in it. A glass of long island tea contains way more alcohol than a bottle of miller light. So, I have a little conservative take on this topic but I am not for banning alcohol fully either.

During my pregnancy, I stayed away from hard alcohol. I was not a big drinker to start with so giving up on hard alcohol such as vodka, tequila, whiskey, rum etc, was not a big deal. I only craved for beer and/or wine occasionally. Whenever we went out to get burgers and fries, I would also crave for beer. Since I did not want to have an alcoholic beer, I would ask the bartender for a non alcoholic beer. I have to admit it did not taste the same but hey! I was still having a beer with my burger.

Some non-alcoholic beer options are


The list goes on and on and you got the point. There are non alcoholic beer options available if you like. On occasion, I also craved for wine. We all know that drinking one cup of red wine is actually healthy for your heart. Since it was good for your health, I did not bother with non-alcoholic version, which would be sparkling wine. Instead I consumed in very very little amounts. I had wine in three or four occasions during my pregnancy and each time I took 2-3 sips only, not gulps ,which was less than ¼ of a cup. Since my alcohol tolerance was already lowered, I got buzzed after I took two sips so I stopped.

When it comes to making a decision on how much drinking is too much, it is all up to you. You will hear a lot of opinions on this matter and some will be conservative, while some will be more courageous for you to drink. Listen to all, do your research, then come to a conclusion.

I would like to hear about your perspective. What do you think? Please comment and let me know!

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Myth of eating for two while pregnant

0404mathsIn this case, 1+2 is not equal 2. In many cultures, pregnant women are encouraged to eat more since there is a baby growing inside of them. 1+1= 2 right? So many people believe when you are pregnant, you need to be eating twice as much since you need to gain weight and also supply for your baby.

The recommended amount of weight gain is 11-33 lb during pregnancy. If you are gaining less than 11lbs then your baby may be underweight and premature. If you gain more than 33 lbs, it will be harder for you to move around with all that extra weight, you may set yourself for gestational diabetes and/or high blood pressure, and it will be harder to lose all that extra weight post pregnancy. I know people who gained 50-70 lbs during pregnancy and unfortunately, it was really hard for them to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight since it took months and a big commitment and lots of sacrifice.

The truth is eating for two means your baby also gets some of whatever you eat, it does not mean you need to uptake twice as much calories. Your baby needs about 300 calories a day. If you count your calories or into reading food labels, then you know 300 calories can be a small portion meal or just a snack. Refrain from overeating and packing up extra weight.

I would like to hear about your perspective. What do you think? Please comment and let me know!

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Is my baby kicking?

During first trimester, morning sickness onsets due to change in hormone levels in your blood which is super important for babies growth and placenta formation. Sensitive stomach and heightened sense of smell is a primitive tool to keep you away from bad food. Majority of the women experience some sort of morning sickness and the duration varies.

2d792aea0f016e7f0aa3824450ac078eMany people gave me a positive perspective on being sick; my hormones were working, and my body was doing what it supposed to do so it was a good thing. Around 3.5 months, when the nausea stopped and I was pretty much back to feeling normal; I did not feel pregnant at all. First, you tell yourself not to be crazy, and you are ok. At the time, one of family friends had to go for a surgical abortion at 3 months because her baby’s heart stopped. You can imagine then I started fearing what if something happened to my baby? Early in the pregnancy, my plan was to not get ultrasound at every doctor visit. Once I entered second trimester, I could not wait for the ultrasound just to see my baby. When we went for our 4 months follow up visit, I was relieved to know he was ok.

11055916_843521119074265_2014033821_nFeeling the first kick or move is very exciting for both parents. I did not start feeling him kick or move until 4.5 months. It is different for every mother. Also feeling your baby move has to do with the position of your baby in relationship to the placenta. If your baby is lying on top the placenta then your baby is directly under your belly, making the barrier between you two less. If placenta is between your stomach and the baby, it will be harder for you to feel all the punching and the kicking that may be going on.

77308d530b3a2b7dc9507d21a1d56cdeThe period between the nausea stopping and baby starting to kick, maybe a little unnerving but do not worry. I was not thrilled at all regarding ongoing sickness during my first trimester, however when the nausea stopped and fatigue subsided, I started feeling not pregnant. Do not worry and panic! Your little one is probably safe and just hanging out which will be confirmed at your next follow up visit.


I would like to hear about your perspective. What do you think? Please comment and let me know!


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Does your morning sickness stop you from taking your prenatals?

morning_sicknessI do not know why it is called morning sickness since you feel queasy all day long. In my case, I did not have too bad of a sickness when I compare myself to others where women could not get out of bed, could not eat anything, lost weight and even had to get an IV put in due to risk of malnutrition. I never threw up, nausea would cause me to gag, I would go to the bathroom just incase and It would stop. I guess I was lucky.

I did not have any pregnancy symptoms until 6 weeks 3 days. It all started with onset of mild sickness, followed by bathroom visits every two hours. I had to continue to take my vitamins especially prenatal and folic acid tablets but they were also making me nauseous. Doctor prescribed me an increased dose of folic acid for my first trimester due to my sister being born with a cleft lip. He had to make sure we were preventing any genetic problems. Prenatal vitamins plus the folic acid added to about 8 pills a day. If you have difficulty taking one, taking 8 of them can be a huge challenge. Luckily, I was taking capsules where I could open them up and mix them with a median such as juice. I chose to purchase vitamin code prenatals and Bluebonnet Folic acid from wholefoods store.

Increasing my vegetable and fruit intake was not easy since I could not stand the sight of anything green. Therefore, I decided to make smoothies in the morning. I would put more fruit than vegetable to make the smoothie sweeter so it would be easier to drink. When you are pregnant, your heightened sense of smell and taste do not allow you to eat certain food groups. The best strategy is to trick yourself into eating them by mixing in the food that you like to eat.

healthy-fruit-smoothieMy favorite recipe was:

  • ½ banana
  • couple strawberries- whatever you have at home
  • ¼ of blueberries
  • Spinach (eating spinach was impossible otherwise
  • Chia seeds (great source of nutrition)
  • Yogurt (most of the time strawberry yogurt)
  • Milk
  • Then open 8 capsules of supplements

Blend it then take it to the car with me, and I would finish it before I got to work.

Just like any other expecting mother, I started searching all questions or concerns that I had online. I also started reading the book,what to expect when you expecting. All the sources said eat small meals frequently throughout the day so I decided to follow the advice. Surprisingly, I started getting light headed when I got up too fast, it would get dark and start spinning. I suspected it was my blood pressure. My normal is 100/60. I started taking my blood pressure 3-4 times a day and realized that it was fluctuating between my normal and 125/ 80. At first, I thought it was just pregnancy, then I figured I was not eating enough. I used my fitness pal to track my calories and I was taking about 1300 calories instead of 2000/2200 calories a day. I decided to heck with online advice and started eating my regular portions, which immediately resolved my blood pressure problem. Interesting huh? I guess your body is much more sensitive when you get pregnant.

I would like to hear about your perspective. What do you think? Please comment and let me know!

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