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4 common injuries of a new momma

Thumb sprain

Repetitively picking your little one up can sprain your thumbs. What’s a sprain? Sprains occur when we overstretch our ligaments, since ligaments are noncontactile tissue, they don’t have extensibility. If you put excessive stress on them, some of the fibers will start tearing. That’s what we call a sprain. Once you sustain a sprain, your brain recognizes the injury and tells the surrounding muscles to tighten up in order to protect the area to prevent a secondary injury. Some massage and stretching, and changing the way you pick your baby up will what will resolve/alleviate your symptoms.

Shoulder pain

Especially if you are Co-sleeping, hugging your little one, you are putting excessive stress on your shoulders by staying in stiff positions and feeding into bad postures. Lifting and carrying put a lot of stress on our shoulders as well. As the day goes on, due to fatigue, and stress of multi tasking, instead of actively using our muscles, we start depending on our static stability more. Now what is static stability? There are two types of stability in our body. Static stability is provided by static structures such as bones and ligaments. Dynamic stability is provided by moving structures such as muscles. Once muscles fatigue, we start putting more stress on our static structures. Female Determination in getting work done motivates our body to focus on the end result not on how much we are hurting ourselves.

Neck and back pain

When it comes to comes to neck and back problem, they always come hand in hand. Our spine is formed of 32 bones which are all interconnected with many ligaments and muscles. If you have neck pain, it will trickle down to your back and vice versa. Overstretching of the abdominal wall during pregnancy, puts a new mom at a high risk for back problems such as sciatica, blushing disc or adjust simply back stiffness and pain. Especially for breast feeding mom, one of the culprits of breastfeeding is the slouched posture the whole action puts us in. The result: neck and back pain. Once we start losing lordosis in our neck and back, our pain receptors start going off, simply saying “I’m beyond my extensibility and I will break if you keep pushing me in that direction” what’s the solution? Keep good posture. If you can, prefer supported sitting to unsupported siting. Benefit from a lumbar roll while in supported siting. Once you are done with breastfeeding, or at the end of the day, do couple stretches and exercises to restore good posture.



I am a mom, wife, daughter, friend, and a doctor. My motto is do not work harder, work smarter to reclaim your time & freedom to obtain inner peace, and create happy memories with loved ones

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